Essential Cake Decorating Tools

What do you consider essential to your cake decorating process? There's the basics like a good turntable, spatulas, etc etc, but what about the things that are considered "specialty" items that you use all the time?

The things that I use all the time are going to be different from the things that someone else uses. I do a lot of gumpaste, so a lot of my essential tools are for that.

The first thing that came to mind when I started thinking about this was my lovely collection of powder colors that I use to dust gumpaste flowers. Oh how I love to buy petal dusts, luster dust, whatever I can get my hands on! When I went to ICES last year I took the opportunity to stock up on Crystal Colors, and I pretty much knocked the window shoppers over to get to the display. Then I bought one of each, which frightened the window shoppers.

Petal dusts aren't necessary...I could just use the airbrush and color the flowers, which is a heck of a lot faster, but I like the way that the powder colors look. So I consider them to be essential to my decorating process.

What do you use in your process that's not REALLY necessary for everyone, but you consider to be essential to your own work?

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