Unwired Gumpaste Callas

I use a lot of gumpaste callas, since real ones are poisonous and tend to drip sap (minor details, I know.)

centers and callas
I don't like to use wires in flowers if I can help it, so when I make callas I do them in three easy, wireless steps.

1. Make the calla using a cone to shape it, then let them dry.
royal icing on the center
2. Roll out sausages of gumpaste for the centers and let them dry.

3. Attach the centers to the flower.

How simple is that? The only part that doesn't involve cutting and letting it dry is the attaching the centers part, and you can do that by piping some melted white chocolate into the flower and sticking the center in, or by dipping the center in royal icing and inserting it. This isn't brain surgery, folks.

Callas are fast to make, and by making them yourself you can also avoid the giant-flower-on-the-cake effect that you can get with real flowers. Gumpaste can be made in any size you want, and it doesn't drip sap all over your cake, either.

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