Business Monday: Making Your Schedule

In this series on finding a better balance for home and work, the first thing I felt needed to be addressed is the idea of your schedule.

I have a master to-do list that I print out every week with repeated tasks on it. Everyone can do this, it's the same idea as putting an event into your online calendar and hitting "repeat." I personally do better with a hard copy of a schedule instead of something electronic, so I made one up and just print it out every week.

At the beginning of the week I go through my monthly planner for that week and add any doctor appointments, school events, meetings, and other things that are unique to that week onto the schedule. That way I have everything for the week in one place.

There are things on the to-do list that are totally cake related, and they're on the schedule every week. prepping boxes and boards, calling reception sites, prepping ingredients, that kind of thing. That keeps me on schedule and makes me remember to get everything done in a timely way.

There are also thing on the to-do list like "put the garbage out," which are home-related but also keep me from forgetting things.

Other things on my cake to-do list: I check decorations that need to be made at the beginning of the week so that I know what I'm up against. I have specific days scheduled for shopping for ingredients and for baking and decorating. I put down any deliveries that I have and any tasting appointments that need to be prepped. Nothing is too small to put on the list if it's something that you need to get done.

It's also a good idea to put down "progress" tasks if you have things that need to be done in steps with drying time in between. On Monday I might have "start gumpaste roses" and on Tuesday "finish all gumpaste." It seems redundant to put gumpaste on two days, but if it needs to be done in steps it helps to have it all in black and white.

Your organizational task for the week: Come up with a master list of everything that you do each week on specific days. This will really help give you an idea of which days are going to drive you nuts. If some days are worse than others, you might be able to move some of the tasks to slower days.

Next week: Timing for daily tasks.

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