Cake Videos Stink

Watch the are getting sleeeepy...
Every now and then I'll actually get curious enough to watch a cake tutorial video. I always regret it, because they are so freakin' boring they put me to sleep.

I'm always hopeful...I hope that I'll pick up some kind of tip or technique that I haven't seen before, or maybe I'll find out about a new product that would be useful. But noooooo...It always takes me about four or five attempts to get through them all the way because I fall asleep and miss huge chunks at a time.

I will also say that when I edit my own videos that I have on my youtube channel,  even they put me to sleep. Part of it is the fact that I'm not good at sitting still, and when I do my brain must think it's bedtime. The other part is that when you make something really simple so that people who don't know how to do it can learn the basics, it makes it booooring to those of us who already know the basics. So yes, I even bore myself if it's too simplified.

The stuff that most videos cover is, by its nature, pretty simplistic. A video of someone making icing is not interesting to me, but I do understand that beginners might need to see that. Some also make things very complicated when it doesn't need to be, and that's irritating to me. If someone adds unnecessary steps to any process that chaps me.

The only video that I ever bought was the one for the striped chocolate technique, and I finally got through that one. I'm glad I did because I did learn something. It was painful, though.

I also paid for a class on that new crafting website, and wow, it was hideous. I thought that it would be useful because it was made by someone who has a reputation for doing gumpaste. I didn't learn one thing from it, though. and the person's voice was super-annoying, so by about ten minutes into it I was grinding my teeth about that.

I think I'll stick with printed tutorials and books...I can skip around and not have to read the stuff that I already know, and I can look through it before buying to make sure that it's going to be useful to me in the first place.

Are there any videos that you've purchased that were actually useful? Do you prefer to sticking to youtube? Or are you like me and stick with books?

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