Business Monday- Paperwork Misery

Nobody likes paperwork. If you do, you're a freak. But if you're a paperwork freak, you can feel happy about it, because you're not subjected to the periodic misery that everyone else experiences.

The best way to deal with paperwork is NOT to let it build up. Set aside a day a week where you do everything, or schedule one task per day. If you wait the job will just grow to be so much bigger than it needs to be, it won't be worth putting it off.

I do everything once a week, which works best for me. During the week I put anything that comes in the mail, receipts that I have, new contracts, etc in a basket, then I record everything at one time. For me it's easier to do it all at once instead of breaking it up into daily tasks.

For you, it might be better to take ten minutes a day and record everything you have to put in your ledger. It just depends on how you work. I find it better to put tasks together in large chunks of time instead of breaking it up just so that I don't lose the flow of the task.

It might also work to do one major task per day if you hate doing everything at once, or if you don't have a long block of time to do everything at once. If you have little kids this can be the best approach. Get one thing out of the way during naptime and you'll be able to keep up with it.

The paperwork tasks that I have on my to-do list every week include:
-Record everything in my paper ledger (yes, it's good to use paper as a backup.)
-Record everything in the computer and back it up
-Update the active client list and add new contracts
-Check the bank balance and balance the checkbook
-Update the website
-Send invoices
-Scan and email copies of contracts that came in that week
-Pay sales tax if it's the end of the month
-Print out online account statements if it's the end of the month
-Make the shopping list for the upcoming week
-Check for any overdue cake balances on upcoming contracts and notify the clients that payment is due

Anything I'm missing? Add other things that are included in your paperwork in the comments below!

Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC, custom wedding cakes in Richmond VA