Facebook Has Made Me Not Want To Like You Anymore

Ah, social media...Maker of all images, good or bad. Creator and destroyer of fake fame...

I once read a funny quote from someone that said something along the lines of "for every handsome movie star, there's a woman who thinks he's disgusting." This was, of course, referring to his wife.

Now think of the hottest, sexiest movie star you can think of...okay, good. Now think of him (or her) in his tighty whitey underwear and black socks, with a cold, coughing and hacking with a stuffy nose, whining about how he wants you to go get him another glass of water because he feels too sick to do it himself. Not so sexy anymore, huh?

This image comes to mind whenever I see a cake "celebrity" on social media building themselves up. I know that's what facebook is for, it's to make you feel like you're popular (although most surveys show that it makes people feel worse about themselves).

What really amuses me is knowing the backstory. There are plenty of people who have had to close their businesses, scale their businesses back, or even declare bankruptcy, but who still present themselves as the expert to follow. No thanks, I don't want to follow anyone down that dark alley.

Social media is great for "outing" whiny people. I recently wrote about people getting into public squabbles with other decorators, which really makes everyone involved look dumb. If someone is also constantly posting complaints about their clients or their business on facebook, that's going to wear down my desire to like them.

You have to assume that everyone has a professional persona and a private one. Facebook has made it really easy for people to puncture that separation and show what they're really made of, and it isn't always pretty. Who hasn't had the desire to un-friend someone? It's the same thing for businesses. Posting a long string of complaints about how your clients abuse you, how much you hate your job, or how bad business is really isn't going to make me want to continue to follow your posts.

I'm not saying that you have to only post things about how great everything is, a little personality is a good thing. Just don't out yourself to show that you're actually the movie star in the underwear whining for a drink of water. Nobody finds that sexy.

Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC, custom wedding cakes in Richmond VA