I Don't Even Want to Look at a Cake Right Now

I usually try to post a picture of one of the cakes I've done on the weekend, but I'm just not even in the mood to get up to go get my camera. Plus, the 3-D groom's cake that I did of two dogs was unceremoniously taken and whisked away before I could even get a photo, and I forgot to take photos of two other ones, so I have a lack of choices.

I'm going to be writing an article for Richmond Weddings magazine tonight, and I plan on writing about things that your baker won't tell you but should. Things like "I'm not licensed and inspected," "I don't use real cream cheese," things like that. Just to alert brides to some of the tricks that people will sometimes use and not tell them about "because they wouldn't understand."

(Well, I understand that if a bride asks you a direct question and you respond with a non-response, you can't be too proud of your product.)

I thought that this would be a good topic because I've had a lot of brides recently tell me that vendors either lied to them about something, or just cancelled completely, or did any number of unprofessional things that screwed the bride's plans up. It seems to be happening more often, I'm not sure why, but I'm hearing about it more.

Anyway, I thought that this would be a good time to post a link to one of my favorite Henry Rollins videos. This is about men lying to women, but I think it's appropriate for the topic of people who tell you one thing and do another. Be warned, this is not a happy love song, but it seriously makes me die laughing every time I watch it. My kids think I'm insane, but for some reason it just strikes me as hilariously funny. Maybe it's the "SUCKER" part.