How To Even Up Fondant Ribbons on Cake Tiers

Fondant ribbons at the base of cake tiers are a popular option since you don't have to worry about dealing with real ribbon on icing. The problem with them is that they can stretch while being applied to the cake.

To even up the width of fondant ribbons after they've been applied, start by cutting them a little wider than you want them to be when they finish. For example, if you want a 1" ribbon, cut them to be about 1 1/4" wide.

Apply the ribbons to the cake, and put the tiers in the refrigerator so that the icing and ribbons will firm up, preferably overnight. If they stretched a little when you put them on, no big deal.

When the icing is really firm, take a ruler and use it to measure an even depth on the ribbon across the length of the tier. If you want a ribbon that's thinner than the ruler you can make a template that's the same width as you want the finished ribbon to be. Use that instead of the ruler to get the correct width.

WORKING QUICKLY before the icing softens up, put the ruler or template up against the fondant ribbon and trim the top off with an exacto knife. If the icing is firm enough you'll be able to pick the uneven edge right off of the cake with no problem.

If the color of the fondant has bled onto the icing underneath you can scrape it off using a spatula. If the icing softens up too much and the color is smearing you should put the cake back in the fridge until it hardens up again before doing this.

This will even off the top edge of the ribbon. if the bottom edge is uneven after being applied to the cake, you can put the ruler or template up against the base of the tier and use it as a mask to apply some extra icing to even the bottom edge out.

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