Birds and Branches Cake

This one was a display cake for another photo shoot...I started with a light blue colorwash on the tiers, then used silicone molds to make the branches and arranged them on the cake in a random pattern.

The birds and branches were made with molds from my shop...I also used a branch bundle mold that I made to use a bird nest. Let me tell you, molds are the way to go for branches. You'll avoid the less than optimal look that you sometimes see when people make vines too fat and they end up looking like a dead snake hanging on the side of the cake.

These branches started out looking like sticks, then I dusted then green and they looked like grass. So I put white flowers on them and they looked like branchy flowering sticks again. I could have added more brown to them, but I liked the green and blue combination and decided not to go darker.

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