Business Monday: Other People's Workspaces

I wrote about my own storage room recently, and then asked for other people to send some photos of their own workspaces. I think that it's always interesting to see what solutions other people come up with to take care of their workspace and storage needs.

From Cindy's Cakery comes this photo and description:
"The space is galley style and measures 8' x 17' wall to wall. My work surface is a 42" round table and a combined total of 6' of counter top space that fills up quick. When I'm not baking and need more horizontal space I put a large cutting board on my stove top. I also have a 5' rectangle folding table that stays up all the time and I keep rolling storage units under it. For extra storage I load rolls of paper towels, extra boxes of alum foil, plastic baggies and such on top of my upper cabinets. When I opened for business I confiscated the tv armoire which houses supplies and all my cake pans. About a year ago I bought the wire corner shelving unit from Sam's and it has been slam full every since. I have to be very creative when I'm caking and clean up as I go so I can have space to go to the next task. It's a pain, but whenever my hubby talks about building a kitchen for me out in our attached garage I tell him I don't want 2 kitchens to clean!"

Kristin of Fat Girl Cakes sent these photos, with the caveat that it's kind of messy because everyone in her house had been sick for a while and she'd had no time to clean up:
This looks like my kitchen/dining room arrangement, with the display cakes on the sideboard. We don't use our dining room for much dining, it's more of an overflow situation in there.
From Barbara at Bom Cakes comes this photo of a very clean kitchen:
Notice the extra table in the front, like the one that Cindy's Cakery also uses. Those are good to have around in case you need extra counter or storage space on busy days.
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