Wedding Cheaters

It's said that weddings bring out the best and the worst in people, and these stories are no exception. Well, about bringing out the worst, anyway.

A couple had a reception scheduled for a certain location, and when they got there one of the venue coordinators saw that there was a woman there who looked out of place compared to the rest of the group. Her thought was, actually, that someone had brought a hooker to the reception.

At some point during the reception she happened to go down the hallway outside of the main room, only to see said hooker making out with the groom. He had apparently been magnanimous enough to invite his mistress to the festivities, and was unable to contain his passion even though his new wife was twenty feet away.

Some people are just dumb.

Another example of this is the groom whose fiance got home from the rehearsal dinner (where the pinhead groom had been), only to get a phone call from another woman. This other woman told the bride that her fiance had also been dating her for the last two years.

Naturally, this made the bride mad, and she didn't marry the pinhead. When I last spoke to her she hadn't caught him yet, but had big plans for his nose to meet her fist when they did get together.

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