2012-Year Of The "Huh?" Complaint, But This One Beats All

I've decided that this past year was the year of people trying to complain about the fact that their cake was delivered in exactly the right way, as ordered and detailed on the contract.

Based on my own experiences, as well as a LOT of things I've heard from other bakers across the country, it seems that last year's trend was to complain in order to try to get refunds, even if there was nothing wrong with the cake. Blame the economy, or online blogs telling people how to complain to get money back, or whatever other reason you can think of.

I can think of three or four people who called me to complain that the color wasn't right (it was based on the contract and swatches they sent) or the lace pattern on the cake wasn't right (it was, based on the photos they sent and the dress they were wearing) or whatever. One person actually told me "The contract doesn't matter" when I told her that I delivered the design that she had ordered. Okaaay....

I have multiple friends who do cakes who had people tell them that the cake was wrong even though the contract detailed exactly what was delivered, so it isn't an unusual thing, I suppose. But this next one was the capper on the whole year.

This is the cake that one of my friends delivered to a recent wedding:
This is the actual email that she received from the planner the next day: "Just wanted to touch base with you about the cake you delivered for the wedding on Saturday. The couple was pleased with the cake, but there was one glaring mistake. The cake was ordered to be a hexagon, not square. Though my clients were ok with it, it was not what they ordered according to the attached contract."

The contract said "hexagon." The bride wanted a hexagonal cake.

Look at the picture.

Honestly, I don't even know how I'd respond to that. I think that if I got an email like that I'd find a kindergarten diagram of shapes and send it to her, because seriously, what?

So I hope that's the peak of the complain-about-getting-what-you-ordered trend, because I don't even know how anyone could outdo that genius.

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