Don't Neglect Your Website Part 2

I'm slightly obsessed with a John Waite song these days, partly because it's a little enigma.

I found the song on "When You Were Mine," an album that came out in 1997. It's an acoustic guitar and John singing, no other instruments. Very simple, and pretty much a perfect performance...he should teach classes in how to work the phrasing of songs, he's the master of that.

Anyway, I was listening to this song and decided that I loved it and wanted to see if there was a video of him singing it live. So off I went to youtube and I found nothing. No live recordings, no music video, nothing. Well, boo.

So I did a search to see if I could find it anywhere else. Absolutely nothing came up when I put the title into google. Hmm, strange.

So I did a search for the album, and the list of songs on it came up on Amazon. But this song was not on it. Now I was really confused, so I went to iTunes, which is where I originally got the album.

Turns out this song was included on the album as a bonus track, so it wasn't on there originally. If I hadn't bought it from itunes I wouldn't have known it existed, which would have been a shame. It's a good song.

My point in telling this little story is that you need to make sure that you take care of your online presence and make sure that people can find you. Last week I wrote about people being so concerned with their facebook pages that they forget about their websites, and it makes their businesses look dusty and forgotten.

If your website looks like you're not paying attention to it, then people will think that you might not exist anymore. When my website went down one day I had people calling to ask me if I had gone out of business. They couldn't find my site, and to them that meant that I wasn't there anymore.

If you don't even have a website and rely on your facebook page to be your online storefront that's not ideal either. Facebook is unreliable at best and who knows what chagnes they'll make in the future. You need a website if you want to run a real business.

If people can't find you easily they won't know that you exist, and that would be sad. I just think of all of the mysterious little songs that must be out there that I can't find. Maybe one of them is my favorite song and I don't even know it.

So if John Waite ever happens to read this and has more songs that he hasn't put on albums, feel free to release them into the wild! I'll buy them.

If you're interested, the song is "I'm Ready" and you can hear a good chunk of it on iTunes in the song list from the album "When You Were Mine."

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