Don't Neglect Your Website

I've seen a strange phenomenon lately. It's the migration of businesses to facebook and other social media, and the utter neglect of their websites as a result.

People spend so much time on facebook that they're not updating their websites as often. I see some sites that haven't been updated for months. That isn't good.

Here are excerpts from some emails that I've received recently:

"I was very impressed by your website and designs."

"I have been doing a little wedding planning and ran across your website."

"while perusing your website I am starting to think about a tiered cake "

"I have been looking around at different bakers to do my wedding cake and when I saw your website I stopped looking"

Now...I often have people say that they've been on my website, or I have people call me while they're still looking at my website. I never have people say that they found me through facebook, though. There might be someone who has, but I don't know about it yet.

So while you're on facebook worrying about how many other cake decorators have liked your page, think about how that's getting you any business. That's right, it isn't getting you any business. You SHOULD be thinking about how to get more clients, not more clicks on the like button.

Keep your website updated. Add new photos on a regular basis, and keep your calendars current. When you update the site make sure to change the "this site updated" announcement (you have one of those on your homepage, right?) That's the easiest way to show people that you're still in business, as opposed to having a site that was updated ten months ago.

My website gets more CLIENT traffic than facebook does. And in the end that's the only traffic that matters to my business's bottom line.

 Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC in Richmond VA, and cake supplies online at and