Saturday, January 5, 2013

My New Year's Gumpaste Challenge

I rarely make New Year's resolutions because really, why bother? All they accomplish is to give you a false sense of superiority for the first few days that you can maintain whatever is is that you promised yourself (usually some weight-loss related thing), then a feeling of failure when you give in to the temptation of the donut case at the quik-e-mart.

So I don't bother, but I thought that this year I would try one of those challengey kind of things that people do. You know, a photo a year, a blog entry a year, that kind of thing.

So this year I'm going to work through at least 5 pounds of gumpaste or fondant a week. I started out with the "1 pound a day" thought, then realized that I wasn't going to be doing that on the weekends, so forget that. That lowered it to a pound for every official work day, with weekends off.

Now, that doesn't mean that I have to make a pound of gumpaste flowers every day. It can be anything made from fondant or gumpaste that would be useful, including some things that take forever and some that don't take as long. As long as I work through 5 pounds of modelling or making things that I can actually use I win.

I didn't decide to do this until today, but this week I already worked through 2 1/2 pounds of gumpaste doing flowers. I know because I made it and I had to weigh it. Today I used up 2 pounds of old random-colored fondant making centers for roses, so that counts. As long as it's useful and I need whatever it is, it adds toward the total. I'm not allowed to just make a big ball of fondant and call it a giant pearl, it has to be something that I need.

I'm hoping that doing this will help me to build up a good inventory of gumpaste and fondant decorations that I can use during the busy season for cakes, and to sell in my Etsy shop.

Did you make any goals for yourself this year? Why did you choose to do what you chose to do?

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brynn cody said...

Last year my resolutions were mostly accomplished. Each delt with a different area of health - running a 5k (physical), increase cake skills (mental), focus more on lesson planning and less on grading (occupational) and finish reading Is God a Mathematician? (intellectual). So because I did fairly well and had a really good year, my resolution this year is to just keep doing what I've been doing and always move forward. I think your resolution sounds awesome - good luck!