Jewelry Box Blue Isn't Blue

Well, it isn't really blue, it's teal. To get a good blue color that mimics the iconic jewelry gift boxes you'll need to start with some teal and just make a light version of it. And I'm not saying the brand name because they're testy about that and I don't want to give testy people free advertising.

I had this fondant left over and wanted to make a lighter teal for a display cake.

After adding it to some white fondant, this is the color that I ended up with. Looks familiar...maybe a little darker if you were going for the real box color, not that I was. But this was teal and white, not blue and white.

So if you're looking for that color, grab the teal, not the blue. If you don't have teal food coloring (Wilton makes a teal paste color) you could use some green and blue combined.

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