Re-Using Cake Dummies

I did a couple of display cakes for photo shoots recently. I usually end up saving display cakes because it’s just too much of an emotional confrontation to toss something that I worked hard on in the trash. However, it’s more economical to re-use them, when you get right down to it.

So after the photos are taken, don’t be afraid to strip that dummy! Since the first cake I did had sugar jewels on it, I was also able to keep the fondant on it without having to re-cover the dummies. Talk about a time saver…I just scraped off the jewels, wiped it clean with a wet paper towel, and redecorated it.

The first cake is here:

The second version is here:
 Same display, different day.

Now make sure that if you do this you’re working from simple to complicated so that it’s easy to clean them off. And don’t be the jerk who has the front and back decorated differently just to take pictures, but who lets parts of each design peek into the picture.

I once got a good laugh at someone’s cakes that had been posted on a site online. She had written elaborate descriptions of the flavors inside the cakes and what occasion they were for. But based on the fact that the boards and backgrounds were the same, and you could see the flowers from the first cake sticking out from the back of the second, it was obvious that it was a dummy that had been decorated front and back. That’s fine to do, just don’t be obvious about it.

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