Three-Hours-Or-Less Camera Cake Tutorial

I took a camera class recently, and of course everyone started joking that I should bring a cake to the last class. So I did a quick camera cake to amuse myself.

This is not a detailed cake, it took me exactly 2 hours and 45 minutes to make. There was no reason to spend a ton of time on it since it was kind of a joke, and I was just doing it for fun. Sometimes you can make a cake that isn't totally accurate and it's just fine!

So here's a quick way to make a simple camera cake, and if you feel so inclined you can take more time with it and make it more detailed.

Start with a sheet cake and cut two 5" x7" rectangles, and circles for the lens.
Stack the rectangles and the circles, then stick them together with icing.
Using a camera as a guide, start carving out the shape of the camera body. This will generally mean that you're rounding off the edges and removing sections for the hand grip part to the left of the lens.

Add a small piece of cake board on the top of the camera to make the overhang for the flash. Put a little piece of cake on top of the board.

Crumb coat the cake.
Cover the cake with fondant. I did the body of the cake and the lens separately.
Impress lines into the fondant where the seams of the plastic are on the real camera. Add some strips of fondant onto the lens where the dials on the lens are. There's usually one section on the lens that has ridges on it, so use a ridged roller or just press the lines into that one section. Put some dots on the cake where the buttons on the camera are, etc etc etc.

Using silver luster dust and vodka, paint the details on the camera to match the buttons etc on it.

Use a spatula to press any seams down or clean up the edge where the cake sits on the board. Smooth out any seams or creases with a dogbone tool. If you want to add a strap, go right ahead.
If you wanted to make the bottom of the lens rounder, you could either make the lens out of rice krispie treats so it doesn't lose the shape, or you could put the cake itself into one of those rounded flower formers that are made from plastic. If you put it flat on the board it's going to look flatter than a real lens. Just depends what the purpose of the cake is. My purpose was to finish the cake in time to make dinner, so I didn't worry about it.

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