Another Grocery Store Wedding Cake

I had shown a photo of the lovely Walmart wedding cake they have on display at my local store, and someone else found another example of the "less than excellent" work that can come out of grocery stores.

Here it is in all its glory:

Ah yes...the unintended texture, the uneven piping...Just what every bride wants to see on her wedding day.
This is just a cautionary tale. Not every grocery store decorator is going to do a craptastic job like these cakes, but that's the point. When you buy a cake from a grocery store, YOU DON'T KNOW WHO'S MAKING IT. You could get lucky and have someone really talented decorate your cake, or you could have someone who thinks that monkey-iced cakes are the best ever. You just don't know!
Fact is, the same thing could happen when you hire a large bakery to do it. One of my friends owns a bakery and only hires people who know what they're doing. I know that it isn't that way across the board, so you'd better check. One decorator told of the bakery near her that had every one of its decorating staff quit and walk out the door the day before the decorating rush for the week was going to happen. I wonder what happened with the cakes that week?
Make sure that you know who's making your cake, or the skill level that you think you're paying for might not be what you get.

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