Pink Chihuly-Inspired Wedding Cake

I made a blue display cake that had pulled and blown sugar decorations on it that was inspired an exhibit of Dale Chihuly's glass work. I guess that it's every decorator's hope that the cakes that we make for our own enjoyment actually make people want them, so I was excited when a client emailed me to say that she wanted the Chihuly cake instead of the design that she'd previously chosen.

I did the pink version of the cake today, and it was an interesting setup. Since the assembly involves a lot of melted isomalt and a culinary torch, I realized that I probably couldn't put it all together inside the historic building where the reception was going to be. Open flames are usually not welcome in the public areas of venues, so I put the last touches on it by opening the box while it was still inside my car and doing the last pieces there.

Since the venue is a working train station that's open to the public, there were people walking through while I was setting up inside. A few of them stopped and asked if they could take pictures, and one guy started getting too close to it to see what it was, so I threatened to stab him with my spatula if he touched it. This amused the people who he was with, but he backed up pretty fast.

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