Craftsy Class Review: The Ultimate Sugar Rose

This Craftsy class was led by Nicholas Lodge, who also did the Classic Flowers class that I liked so much. This class covered how to make a gumpaste rose in excruciating detail. It also had sections about gumpaste and coloring and glazing the flowers and the leaves.
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Ultimate Sugar Rose Class

The reason that I say it covered the subject in excruciating detail is that it was extremely painfully detailed. The thing about making roses is that you basically do the same thing over and over to make the rows of petals. So for this class you're basically watching him do the same thing over and over. There are slight differences between each row, but for the most part it isn't noticeable.

He used a five-petal cutter for this lesson which is what everyone refers to as the "quick rose" because it doesn't involve individual petals. He also goes through thorns and calyxes in case you want to do the stem part also. There was also a lot of unnecessary mold use, so there was a lot that you could do without actually owning all of the equipment that he uses in the class.

It's always good to see how someone else does things, even if you do them all the time. There were some things that he did differently than the way that I do them, but for the most part his techniques were pretty classic in terms of the "standard" way of making a rose.

One thing that I wish he'd done was make a different variety of rose. He did show how to make one variation on a set of petals, but there are so may kinds of roses it would have been nice to see two different types instead of only one.

So my overall review:
Skill Level: Beginning gumpaste skills, would be enough for this class.
Equipment You Have To Have: A lot of cutters, veiners, floral wire and tape, etc. You don't need all of the molds that he uses, so in the case of this class I'd actually watch it first before buying anything so that you can see what you really need and what you can do without.
Sleep-Inducing Level: Oh my God, I fell asleep during the second section. He talks pretty constantly throughout the video, and it's good information but it just becomes hypnotic.
What It Assumes You Already Know: Not much. There's a section on gumpaste in this one so if you've never used it before you could watch that first and learn the basics.
Unnecessary Difficulty Level Of Methods Demonstrated: Too many molds for things that you don't need to mold (The center cone? Really? A mold for that?) Too many warnings about measuring the amount of gumpaste exactly right...It's much more forgiving than that, you don't need to stress.
Annoying Host Habits: Other than putting me to sleep, not much.
Level of Helpful Hints Learned: I picked up a few things that I may or may not try. If you've never done gumpaste roses, or if you've had trouble in the past, this would be an excellent class to take because it's soooooo thorough on how to make one flower.

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