Using Molds For Architectural Details

This wedding cake had details on it that I made using molds, including some that I made myself.

I used a combination of fondant and gumpaste to make these, since that will give you a firmer paste to make the details of the molds stand out. If you just use fondant it can be too soft and you might lose some of the shallower details.

I painted the pieces with a gold luster dust and vodka paint. It's helpful to bring some of the paint with you to the setup so that you can do touchups after you set the cake up. Since the light at the venue will be different than the light in your kitchen, the color will look different and you'll usually see things that you missed.

For the leaf shape on the bottom tier, I used this one: Acanthus leaf mold

The triangular border on the bottom of the top and octagonal tiers is this one: Triangular mold

The border on the bottom tier is this: Jewel border mold

And the medallion on the top tier is this one: Jewel brooch mold

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