You're Not An Artist If You Only Use Tappits

Yeah, I said it. This is my cranky vent for the week...I'm tired of hearing people refer to themselves as a "sugar artist," then looking at photos of their cakes and seeing a bunch of basic birthday cakes with letters cut out of fondant stuck on them.

Maybe it's an attempt to give yourself more gravitas as a business, since we all know that people don't take baking as a business seriously. I don't know what they think we do all day, but if I have to hear one more person say "Oh that's so much FUN!" when I tell them that I do wedding cakes, I will gag. Referring to yourself as an artist might make you feel like people will take you more seriously, or it might make you feel more important to yourself. I don't know...I just can't bring myself to call myself an artist when I'm filling an order using a skill. That's craft, not art.

I wrote about this same thing last year, but it's been bothering me's the original article, let me know what you think:

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