Guest Blogger Craftsy Review: Basic Fondant Techniques

There's a new Craftsy class in town, and it's free! Basic Fondant Techniques with Elisa Strauss is billed as a class for beginners, and since I had feedback about it on my facebook page, I invited Sarah Wall Gale of Citrus Spice Bakery to do the review of the class. She was nice enough to oblige, so here's her review:

This class is a freebie from Craftsy demonstrating basic fondant techniques. It has 10 lessons, including coloring fondant, rolling out fondant to cover round and a square cakes, stacking fondant covered tiers, making fondant roses, making simple fondant appliques and inlays, and using texture mats to impress designs.

The class is fairly slow paced, spending a lot of time showing Elisa kneading in color and rolling fondant out, but for a beginner, it would good to be able to see the entire process from start to finish. She had a very nice technique for trimming the excess fondant from the bottom of the cake, which I am eager to try.

The class does not teach how to make fondant, but includes recipes for homemade fondant, royal icing (which she uses to attach dried fondant pieces to the cake), and even a recipe for white cake. The course materials also include a chart for how much fondant (by weight) should be used to cover cakes in different sizes.

This class is perfect for a fondant first-timer, but even as a more experienced baker, it is always interesting to see how other professionals do things. I like to be able to try and adopt different techniques to find what I like the best.

I would recommend this class to beginning bakers for sure, and since it's free, to any more experienced bakers curious about seeing Elisa's techniques.

Thanks to Sarah for reviewing the class, and if you'd like to see some more of her work go on over to her blog at

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