More Social Media Observations

Something that I find pretty odd is the tendency of people to post what basically amount to lectures to their clients on their facebook pages.

It's one thing to talk about your products and describe what makes them unique, like a description of flavors or whatever. People post lists of what's on sale at the bakery today, flavors that they're doing for sampling appointments, that kind of thing, and that's perfectly normal.

It's when I read a post saying things like "I want to say this one more time...My cakes are not cheap and you're paying for quality, people, so quit complaining about how much I'm charging" that I wonder if they think before they post.

First, when you write something that is a long explanation of why your cakes should cost what they do, you're going to come off as sounding defensive no matter how you phrase it. Those kids of posts are usually written because people have heard "HOW much???" one too many times, and they decide that writing something on social media will clear that up once and for all. Well, it won't.

Second, are your customers even looking at your facebook page? To tell the truth, when you look at who's posting on cake decorators' pages, it's mostly other cake decorators. You're basically preaching to the choir with that kind of "informational" post. You can tell that this is true because of the number of "You tell it, sister!" responses that those kind of posts get. Customers who have inquired about cakes and have been told that they're outside their budget generally don't respond positively on someone's page about that kind of thing.

Just think about why you're posting something before you post it. If it's something that you think customers should hear, then test it by asking yourself whether you'd say that to a customer who called you on the phone. If it's something that you wouldn't say, then maybe it's something that you shouldn't write, either.

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