Craftsy Class Review: Fondant Ruffles, Pleats and Drapes

This class was taught by Marsha Winbeckler, and covered the basics of different fabric techniques in fondant. Considering that her husband taught the piping class that I think everyone should take, this went right along with that as a good basic course for fondant users.

How many times have I seen people on cake forums asking how to do a draping technique? Too many. And since I used to sew a lot I always think that it's so easy to figure out, but if you don't have experience working with fabric the basics of draping and pleats are going to elude you.

This class showed the basic ways to make different types of pleating and draping effects, and it went through them in a few different ways. It was very clear, she did a good job explaining what to do and how to do it, and you should be able to pick up some tips from this class.

She also showed how to make several different types of forms for creating the various types of folds, which was good. I use the basic line-up-the-dowels method, and she took that one step farther by making a permanent board that you can use over and over for draping purposes.

If you have no experience with these techniques this class will be a treasure trove of information. If you do have some experience you'll probably be able to pick up some tips anyway.

My final review:
Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate
Equipment You Have To Have: rolling pin or pasta roller, fondant and gumpaste, dowels.
Sleep-Inducing Level: Not too bad, but her voice is very hypnotic. 
What It Assumes You Already Know: Not a lot...Maybe how to roll out a piece of fondant?
Unnecessary Difficulty Level Of Methods Demonstrated: It was all pretty straightforward.
Annoying Host Habits: Not much, other than her voice being kind of drone-y and sleep-inducing. If you're tired get your caffeine ready before watching.
Level of Helpful Hints Learned: Very good basic techniques, and a lot of information about how different designs are constructed.

Buy it, it's worth the money.

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