Craftsy Class Review: Intro To Modeling Chocolate

It took me long enough to get to this class...It was taught by Lauren Kitchens, and she goes over the basics of modeling chocolate, then shows how to make a specific design of a cityscape cake using it.

I love modeling chocolate, and I use it all the time, weather permitting. The catch with this is that if it's hot the chocolate will soften up and you can't rely on your decorations to keep their shape. There were a lot of questions about this issue in the student question section, and she does mention that chocolate and heat are enemies, but you have to keep that in mind if you're using it on a cake in the summer.

The class covers the basics of making modeling chocolate and talks about the different types of chocolate and candy clay that you can use to make it. One thing that I liked it that she took the time to show the wrong way to make it, so that you know what not to do.

She also showed how to dowel cakes the right way, so kudos to her. She doesn't seem to suffer from over-dowelitis like a lot of the Craftsy instructors do, either.

Once the basics are covered, she shows how to design and create the pieces for a cityscape cake, and that's about it. Other than including a few different ways to add some color to the flat modeling chocolate pieces, there isn't a lot of design work that's done in this class. If you intend to make a cake with the design of a city on it that's great, but if you're looking for things that you can do with modeling chocolate you're out of luck.

My final review:
Skill Level: Beginner
Equipment You Have To Have: Chocolate or candy melts, corn syrup, knife, texturing tools etc.
Sleep-Inducing Level: Brutal...But when I did fall asleep I didn't miss much because the last part of the lessons were very repetitive.
What It Assumes You Already Know: Not much.
Unnecessary Difficulty Level Of Methods Demonstrated: Nothing, really. 
Annoying Host Habits: I wasn't annoyed by anything that she did specifically. She's good in front of the camera and has obviously taught a lot before so she didn't do a lot of stumbling and uh...uh...uh.
Level of Helpful Hints Learned: The first part was more instructive than the final parts if you've never worked with or made chocolate clay before.

I'd say that if you've never worked with chocolate clay before then this might be good to take the mystery out of it. If you've ever done anything with it then skip this particular class. If they come out with another class showing more advanced techniques that might be good but this one won't teach you anything new.

Or you can go look at my video on how to make modeling chocolate on youtube.

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