Lighting Can Add A Difficult Layer To Cake Colors

amber light
The cake that I did recently with purple drapes on it made me realize that with the increase in "mood lighting" that brides are going for, we're going to have more trouble matching colors.

Purple is the worst color anyway, just because it tends to change to blue, but apparently lighting can change it even more and in a really weird way.

For the drapes on this cake I used purple Satinice, and I put the drapes on it the morning of the reception. The reception started at 4pm, so I delivered the cake at 2pm. Not enough time for the purple to change color, and it was still fine when I delivered it.

pink light
So la, la, la, I was setting the cake up and they started testing the lighting out. It was cycling through a bunch of different colors, and each time it changed the color of the drapes started changing too. I realized that it looked pretty darn blue when the main color, which was a kind of lightish fuchsia, was shining on it.

(I had mentioned this in another blog post before, but that was before all of the wedding shows made it obvious to brides that they will die if they don't have special venue lighting. So we now have another layer of complications to deal with.)

white light
There was also a vase of flowers with some purple filler in a vase next to the cake, and the purple flower didn't change color as much as the fondant did. I have no idea why, but that was the case. So I don't know if the fondant was the exact correct color to be washed out when combined with that particular light or what.

I've added some photos of the cake with the different lighting colors in the room. I now realize that we're going to have to start asking brides whether they're using lighting in the room or not, because if they are it does affect the colors on the cake, especially purple.

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