Optimism Is Overrated

When it comes to making sales, there are people who say that they book every single cake that someone calls them about. Well, if that's happening then you're probably charging too little and people are buying on price alone, or you're the only baker for miles around. It's not realistic to think that every single customer who comes to you is going to hire you, and THAT'S ALL RIGHT.

This article was in my email today just as I was thinking about this issue, so I thought that it was worth sharing. Then I saw an animation that my cousin posted on facebook, which was also interesting and worth watching. Seems like a timely issue.

If you want to deal in reality then you need to expect that you'll be disappointed in life every now and then. It won't kill you, it will disappoint you, and that's normal. Nobody is happy all the time, regardless of the millions of perky status updates on facebook.

So take a few minutes to check these out, and let me know what you think.



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