Blue Ombre Flowers Wedding Cake

This cake had little blossoms on it, starting at a darker blue at the top and fading to white at the base.

I used the Wilton plunger cutter for the tiny flowers and a basic five-petal stainless cutter for the larger ones.

To get the more textured look on the top tier, I found that if you cover the entire tier, then go back and add more flowers over the spaces where the icing is still showing, you'll get a fuller look. If you have a lot of icing showing in the spaces between the flowers it won't look as fluffy, if that makes sense.

To make the right number of flowers I cut out strips of waxed paper the height and circumference of each cake tier so that I could make sure to make enough flowers to cover those. Even doing that it still ended up being not quite enough, so I ended up making about 200 more. If you make more than you think you need you'll probably have just enough!

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