Craftsy Class Review: Design Your Own Castle Cake

Online Cake Decorating ClassThis class was taught be Sharon Wee, and goes through a few different types of castle cakes.

Let me interrupt here to say that I realize this is an older class, and that Craftsy has just come out with a couple of "Master Classes" that I could have reviewed. However, I thought about it and there's NO WAY that I'm going to pay full price for a class about anything that I'm not going to ever use. Which would be the stringwork class. The other one is the airbrushing class, and the class description looked like it fills the time with a lot of information about buying an airbrush, so I'm holding off on both of them for a sale. If anyone has watched either of those and would like to review them for me let me know. You'll receive the glory of having your review posted here (don't pass out from the joy of it). I decided that the castle cake would be something that people might actually be hired to make, so it was the one I chose to watch this week.

So back to the review.

Each section of this class deals with a different style of castle, and shows the different techniques that go with it. It includes a princess castle, a more stonework-type of medieval style castle, and a sand castle. Each one comes with its own little accessories like the princess, a horse, and a crab, and she shows the basics of how to model these too.

The variety of techniques that are shown in this class make it well worth taking it, especially if you've never done one before and are nervous about it. She's Australian so she uses ganache under her fondant, and she goes through how to smooth the ganache and apply the fondant, too. There are a lot of things that are touched on in this class that you could use on cakes other than castles, so the skills are transferable to other designs.

My final review:

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate.
Equipment you need: Check the course materials, you'll need a lot of fondant and various materials to make the turrets, etc. Although she does show some different ways to do the turrets, so you don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money. Paper towel rolls will work.
Sleep-inducing level: Not bad, but she talks REALLY FAST so you kind of have to work to keep up with her.
What it assumes you already know: Basics, but she goes over most things.
Unnecessary level of difficulty of techniques shown: Not much, these aren't tremendously complicated cakes when you take them apart.
Annoying host habits: I mentioned that she talks really fast, so that can get to you. I don't mind that so much, but she also has that thing where your voice goes up in pitch at the end of sentences, so that irritates me. You might like it, more power to you.
Level of helpful hints learned: There are a lot of little things in this class that could be helpful to a beginner. Most of it is pretty basic, but if you're starting out there are probably a lot of tips that you can pick up from the class.

Final verdict: Worth the price at full price if you're a beginner, on sale if you've never done a castle cake and you have more experience, or if you're a novice at modeling. Skip it if you've done this kind of thing before.

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