Craftsy Class Review: Spring and Summer Sugar Flowers

This class was taught by James Rosselle, and covers poppies and parrot tulips.

I was excited to see that James was teaching another gumpaste class, because his flowers are so beautiful, and I enjoyed the orchids class that he taught. This class doesn't cover a lot of different flowers, but it will give you a good basis for making flowers with individually wired petals.

It covers a lot of dusting technique and shows how to use multiple colors to make a more realistic flower. Some of this tends to go on a little long, but you can always skip ahead. If you want to get some good tips on dusting techniques you should watch because he does a great job of adding layers of color to the gumpaste. He says that the dusting is his favorite part of making the flowers, and it's obvious that it's true.

He also shows how to get a pollen effect on gumpaste and how to wrap the stamens onto the wired center, which can be difficult in an awkward way. The sections on shaping the petals is good, since this kind of flower needs to have a specific shape to the petals or they don't look right.

There are sections on assembling a cake using flowers, and a section on making "fantasy flowers" which is kind of a typical Craftsy filler to make the class longer.

The one gripe I have with this class is that it doesn't cover a lot of material. Making these flowers is pretty straightforward, but there are enough moving parts that it does give you some good techniques.

My final review:

Skill Level: Intermediate gumpaste experience.
Equipment you'll need: A lot of cutters, veiners and petal dusts. All of which can be purchased from James Rosselle's line of supplies, coincidentally. I have his parrot tulip veiner and I use it for peonies also. You could probably use the parrot tulip veiner for poppy petals too, if you need to economize.
Sleep-Inducing level: Oh my God, it put me to sleep...His voice is so calming, listening to this class is like Sominex. Make sure to get some caffeine ready to watch it.
What it assumes you already know: Some basic gumpaste techniques, but it's pretty good at demonstrating the basics, so you could work with it even if you don't have experience.
Unnecessary Level Of Difficulty For Techniques Shown: Not much, it's pretty basic gumpaste stuff.
Annoying Host Habits: He does the voice rising at the end of sentences thing. Drives me crazy, but I'm biased because I find him so likeable, so I can forgive it.
Level Of Helpful Hints Learned: I can always pick up some things in his gumpaste classes, but I've made these flowers before and was familiar with them. If you've never made flowers with cupped petals before this will be a treasure trove of information for you.

Final verdict: Worth the price, it's full of information, you'll be able to make well-shaped flowers, and you'll pick up some dusting techniques if you're not good with that.

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