Minimalist Wedding Cake In The Round

This bride wanted a plain white cake with very minimal decorations. She chose flowers on the top
and the sides, and asked that the flowers be very, very pale pink. I dusted then with a pale pink dust and made the petals darker in the centers than on the outer edges. I used white stamens in the centers so that there wouldn't be any yellow in them.The bases had no border, they were just iced smooth with buttercream when I set the cake up on site.

Since the cake was set up in the center of the room, I did one flower on each side so that when people walked around it there wouldn't be one decorated side and one that had nothing on it. That's something that you should be aware of...If a cake will be up against a wall that's one thing, but if it will be "theater in the round" you'll need to make sure there's visual interest on all sides of it.

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