Craftsy Class Review: Shoot it!

This photo class is a bit of a departure for my reviews since it's not directly cake-related. But it looked like it might be useful for people who need some basic info about how the camera works and how to take better cake pictures.

It's taught by Caro Sheridan, and it focuses on product photography and how to get details of patterns and products. It might be better for people who want to sell things online as opposed to people who are taking photos of cakes in reception venues.

The tips in the class about setting up photo shoots would be good if you have a controlled environment for taking cake photos. If you photograph things before you deliver them this class will show you how to set up a photo shoot and would be helpful. If you tend to set tiered cakes up on site and don't have the opportunity to photograph them before they're delivered it might not help with that.

The sections of the class that would be most helpful in terms of using the camera itself are toward the beginning and end of the class. They cover the camera and how it works, composition, and touches on how to edit photos. It goes through the process of choosing photos, workflow, and other basics. The gripe that I have with it is that it DOESN'T have enough technical information or enough focus on the camera itself. I can understand that every camera is different, so it would be hard to show the settings on the camera becasue it wont' be the same for every one. At the same time, there are things that are similar and could have been demonstrated by using more photos.

This class is very chatty, and it doesn't have a lot of technicalities that are too difficult to follow. It's mostly a lecture class, and like I said, it could actually have used more technical information, but the way that it's set up made it easy to get the basics.

My final review:

Skill Level: Beginner
Equipment you'll need: DSLR camera, photo editing software
Sleep-Inducing level: Not so bad, but I skipped a lot of it that was about basic stuff. It was a long class, with pretty much 100% talking, so I'm sure it would put people to sleep if you were in the right frame of mind.
What it assumes you already know: How to hold a camera.
Unnecessary Level Of Difficulty For Techniques Shown: Nothing at all.
Annoying Host Habits: She tends to talk to the camera kind of sideways with a wink-wink-nudge-nudge tone when she's trying to be amusing. When she forgets to play to the camera and starts talking about how to do something technical she seems way more natural.
Level Of Helpful Hints Learned: Best for DSLR camera beginners, but there are a lot of ideas about composition and that kind of thing that would be helpful for most people.

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