Saturday, September 7, 2013

Purple Roses Wedding Cake

This cake had purple gumpaste roses on it. I made them in pink first, then airbrushed them purple.
after they dried I dusted them with some lighter purple color because they were really dark and I wanted to highlight the outer petals a little.

I made these roses on toothpicks so that they could be inserted directly into the cake. Since it was a buttercream cake that was the only thing needed to stick them to the cake once they were pushed into the icing.

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Sarah said...

How do you hang roses to dry when formed on toothpicks?

Kara Buntin said...

I don't hang roses to dry at all. I do them in stages so that each row of petals is dry before the next row is put on. Then if they're sagging too much I can turn them upside down and let them dry in the upside down position until the wet row is dried out enough to hold the shape. Then turn the right side up and they'll fall outward a little but will stay in place for the most part. When they get really big you can just prop them up against something that holds the petals in place until they set a little bit.