Vendors Demanding Cake

No, this is not for you.
A friend of mine who also does cakes keeps having a strange experience with different wedding vendors, and she asked me to write about it. Since I thought this was totally bizarre, I said of course I would!

What keeps happening to her is that other wedding vendors keep telling her that she needs to give them free cake. Considering that bakers, as far as I know, don't go around telling caterers that they HAVE to give us free food, or photographers that they HAVE to give us free framed photos, I'm not sure where these people are coming up with the necessity of free cake.

Back to my friend...She was at a wedding show and had run out of samples. Another vendor came over and started giving her a tongue-lashing about how she should have had samples for all of the vendors there, since they NEED to eat cake. She basically gave her a lecture about how vendors need to be fed for free and it's always expected that the bakers at shows will do it.

So after being irritated enough about having to deal with little miss give-me-cake, my friend then went to a meeting of wedding professionals the following week. While she was there another vendor told her that she needed to start making a boxed cupcake for the other vendors at the wedding, including vendors who were there before the reception, apparently. When my friend asked why she would do that, this person replied "Well, you need to take care of your vendors!"

Huh? Well, aside from the fact that you're not MY vendors, I never realized that the vendors were SUPPOSED to be eating the cake that the bride bought for her guests. Or that it was the responsibility of vendors to make doggy bags for the other vendors, especially if they were there before the reception started, like the officiant, the hair and makeup people, the florist, or the rental delivery guy. It's interesting how I've never had the caterer rush up to me with a bag of food to take home after I set the cake up, I've been missing out!

I can see how someone who's actually WORKING at the reception, like the photographer, DJ or videographer, would arrange with the bride ahead of time to have some kind of meal provided if they're working all day, even if it's just a sandwich. But it isn't the job of the baker to make sure they get cake. And if a baker runs out of samples at a wedding show they shouldn't get a lecture from other vendors for running out before they can shove cake down their pie-holes. Or their cake-holes, as the case may be.

So if you're a vendor, try to make other people's jobs easier, not more difficult. Don't give other professionals a hard time because they don't hand out freebies and extras to you. If you do get a piece of cake, that's what it is, an extra. Just take it and say thank you.

You're welcome.

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