Craftsy Class Review: Mastering Australian Stringwork

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Craftsy Class Review: Mastering Australian Stringwork

This is one of the "masters series" of cake decorating classes offered by craftsy. It consists of 7 lessons taught by Mark Seaman, beginning with what materials and equipment you need, how to make royal icing, and then showing bridge strings, followed by bridgeless strings, lace points, and ending with tips on transporting cakes with stringwork.

I have used royal icing before, for piped flowers and for flood work, but have always been intimidated by the gravity defying delicacy that is Australian stringwork. Being able to watch a skilled craftsman up close and personal took a lot of the scare out of it, and I am eager to try it on my own now. Everything was shown, including breaking strings, and even breaking an entire section of suspended bridge, and how to repair such inevitable accidents.

Mark seemed comfortable with teaching, and was not too boring to watch. The class felt really short to me, compared to others, possibly because it didn't have boring 5 minute sections of kneading color into fondant!

I did enjoy this class more than others I have taken, and feel that I learned a lot. It was nice to watch a class with entirely new information, and not one where I already knew how to do half or more of what was taught. I recommend it for anyone who's never tried stringwork, or for anyone who's tried once or twice unsuccessfully.

Thanks to Sarah for writing this review. If you'd like to write a guest blogger review of a Craftsy class or another product feel free to email me about it!

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