Black and White Piped Wedding Cake

This cake had an interesting delivery story, and it also explains why I only got a quick photo of it.

The day that this was scheduled to be delivered was really wet and drizzly, and the ceremony was supposed to be outside, but it got moved indoors. Unfortunately, I didn't get the message that it had been moved up by 1 1/2 hours until 45 minutes before the new ceremony time, so I ended up doing the mad dash downtown to take it to the restaurant. After creeping in the back way with the cake, I found the planner and she cut a path through the wedding guests so that I could put the cake on the table. I snapped a quick picture and got out of there.

This cake was based on that black and white one on Pinterest, you know the one. The bride wanted more black on it, though, so I took another type of black lace and used it together with the original pattern to cover more of the cake and add some variety to the pattern. The wedding colors were black and red, and the cake had a skeleton bride and groom on either side of it, although I couldn't back up enough to get them in the picture!

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