Craftsy Class Review: Artisan Bread Making

Since I can't take another cake decorating class without my head exploding, I decided to do a different baking class. This class on artisan breads is taught by Peter Reinhart, who has written nine books on baking, and who teaches at Johnson and Wales in NC. He knows what he's doing and he has extensive experience in bread making, as opposed to some of the cake decorating instructors who know how to do one technique and have to stretch the class out with a lot of filler as a result.

 Bread making was my favorite section in culinary school, and even having taken that full class I can safely say that you should GO BUY THIS CLASS NOW.

His teaching style was very thorough and understandable, and the class was like a mini-culinary school class. It covered all of the basics of bread making and explained bread making terminology and theory in a comprehensive way.

I love baking bread but have gotten out of it for a few reasons. This class made me want to go get the flour out and start again, so it was inspirational! For me personally it also acted as a refresher course on bread, but it also included a lot of techniques that were new to me. Some of those were things that Chef Reinhart said he had developed himself, and some were variations on traditional techniques that I probably just didn't learn in culinary school.

This class covered general straight doughs, enriched doughs and sweet doughs, but it also included a lot of specifics including rye and ciabatta doughs. He also went over shaped breads, some sweet and savory fillings, and shaping rolls.

This class was 100% worth the price even at full price. If you pay attention you'll get a lot out of it, even if you have experience in bread making, and you'll be able to impress your friends!

I'm not even going to bother doing my usual checklist overall review...Just do yourself a favor and go buy this class.

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