Craftsy Class Review: FREE FREE FREE! Photography Tips (and it's free!)

Craftsy just released two free mini-classes, and one is about portrait photography. Since free is always good, and I figured that a portrait class would probably be good for taking photos of cakes, I decided to watch it.

The official title of the class is Learn How To Take Professional Family Portraits, and it's aimed at letting you take posed portraits of people. This would be good if you're planning on taking your family photo for holiday cards. It explains light, too, and that's what makes cake decorators go crazy when they're trying to get a decent photo of their cakes in a ballroom full of fluorescent lights.

Each section goes over one type of portrait, and the types of light that work with that type of portrait. It also shows how to use flashes and reflectors to bounce light back to eliminate shadows and contrast. Even if you never take a family portrait, this would be a good class to watch just to see the different ways that you can reflect light to get good results.

The last section showed how to use lightroom and some photoshop techniques to retouch the photos that you take. This is the section that would probably be pretty valuable to most people since it demonstrates how to improve the exposure of your photos after the fact.

I'm going to go play with photoshop now, but you should go get this FREE class now. If you skip the sections on how to get people to pose, who cares, it's FREE!! Did I mention it's free?

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