Video: How To Make Wafer Paper Leaves

Since I've been experimenting with wafer paper over the past couple of weeks I've been looking for information online, and there isn't a lot. I've been making some videos to add to the small collection online, and I did this one to show a couple of ways to make wafer paper leaves.

Wafer paper is great to use for leaves because it's thin, and the paper gives you a really delicate product. The only drawback is the time that it takes to dry, but if you have a lot of veiners you can do a bunch ahead of time and store them until you need them.

I find that it gives you a better look if you paint the color on instead of dipping the leaves, since that gives you a flat color and might result in splotchy areas. Painting the color directly onto the leaf gives you the option of adding more than one color per leaf and lets you make sure that you cover the whole leaf.

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