Craftsy Class Review 2nd Opinion- Designer Fondant Textures

I got a comment on a Craftsy post from blog reader Blwilley (I know that I know your name, but I can't remember names, so sorry about that!) about a class she'd taken. I'd already reviewed it, but she gave her perspective and I thought that it was interesting, so I'm adding it here to give a second opinion.

I have a hard time reviewing some of the Craftsy classes because they're aimed at beginners a lot of the time. That results in me not being able to remember what's considered appropriate for that skill level, since it all seems obvious to me. If you're not used to working with fondant or you haven't done a lot of fondant decorating, this review might shed some more light on the class for you.

   "I found 'Designer Fondant Textures' with Marina Sousa to be really full of useful tips and tricks. I liked it that, in this class, she covered many different techniques total, instead of telling how to do just one project, like make a purse, or a car, or a dinosaur head, ect... It has really been the only class where I feel like I got my money's worth, so to speak... 

"With 'Designer Fondant Textures' with Marina Sousa, I was able to improve on what little I already knew, and learn a few new techniques also. She did not spend all day on one thing, but kept moving from one technique to another at a good pace, so I learned a lot, but did not have time to get bored even with the ones I already knew. She made it look easy, and doable, even for the novice, while making you feel like you were doing something quite special to your cake. She covered so many things that the time just flew by, and I did not stop until I had watched the entire class program in one sitting. Her presentation was informative, that is what a class is all about. She is a good teacher.

"Skill level: anyone would enjoy this
Equipment: Baking stuff, a cake or dummy, rolling mats and  pins, dyes, fondant, gumpaste, gelatin, some modeling tools, and a pasta machine would be handy.
What it assumes you already know: Not much. The techniques are explained step by step.
Level of Helpful Hints Learned: All about decorating the cake! With different cute twists. She offers precise instructions without dragging them out too long, actually quite quick andefficient."

So thanks for your input, blwilley, and please remind me of your name! I want to give you credit for this!

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