Craftsy Class Review: Painting Flowers In Acrylic

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Painting Flowers in Acrylic is something that can be easily translated to painting with food coloring on fondant. This class is FREE and could be very useful to cake decorators even if it's not cake decorating related.

With the continuing "packaging" of decorating techniques, the question of how to distinguish your cakes from the competition is getting harder. If you use the same kits, onlays, cutters and molds that everyone else does your cakes will also look like everyone else's. By learning how to do something that other people can't do, you can make your cakes stand out. And since everyone has their own distinctive style of painting and your work will never look exactly like the next guy's, learning how to paint on cakes can set your style apart.

Painting with acrylic paints is very much like painting with food coloring mixed with white food coloring, which makes a thick-ish liquid that's opaque. When you work with regular liquid food coloring (I use airbrush color) that's more like painting with watercolors. Adding the titanium dioxide, and sometimes some corn starch, makes a thicker "paint" than airbrush colors alone.

So when you're watching the free class, substitute the titanium dioxide for the base of the paint, and mix food coloring into it to make the color. You can use corn starch mixed in to make the paint thicker, or thin it out using vodka. When he's using the medium that he refers to, you could use corn syrup instead.

In the class he shows you how to do basic painting with highlights, shading, sketching in the shapes, etc. It covers basic painting skills using a still life of flowers, and it goes over a little color theory and how to mix the paints.

This class is definitely worth watching if you're new to painting in general, and it's free, so why not try it out? Even if you just go over a few sections of it that could be helpful for you it's worth doing that.

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