Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Got Into It With Another Blogger About Cake Prices.

I mentioned this little exchange that I had with another blogger about cake prices to some of my cake friends this morning, and I decided to go back to see if it was still up. The comments have been closed for that post, so I figured it's safe to post the link now.

The story is simple...I got a google alert about a mention of "wedding cake" on a blog. The topic was someone making her daughter's wedding cake, so I looked at it. Well, it was not only a story about that, it was also a commentary about how people should tell their kids not to go to college, just go to pastry school because the bakers are the ones raking in the money with our exorbitant pricing.

So I fumed about that as I read some of the other comments, then I decided to respond. If you read down the comments you'll see where I started in.

To her credit, the blog author saw my point, and she apologized for making assumptions without all the information. I didn't feel the need to really push the point other than with one other person who jumped in with the "they know exactly how to price gouge us poor victims" stuff.

Now on to my other point...At the time this was going on I was thinking that I would post a link to this article on my facebook page. Then I thought about it and decided not to. Why not? Because sometimes, just sometimes, cake decorators can be really nasty.

I'm reminded of some poor blogger who made the comment that a 4" round tier looks like a roll of toilet paper. Well guess what? SHE WAS RIGHT. But this poor woman had so many decorators go to her blog and tell her that she was an idiot, rude, ignorant, etc etc. she had to take the post down.

So I had no desire to unleash the wrath of the cake decorating community on this person.  I just responded myself and waited to hear back from her. Since she gave a polite and rational response I left it at that. (But I'll be the first to admit that if she had been rude to me I might have been tempted to post the link.)

So read what I wrote and let me know if you think I was right to respond the way that I did, and also whether you think I was right to not post a link to it. Click here to go to the article.

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Debby Moro said...

You were well within your rights to express your opposing point of view, and your comments were spot-on. What most people fail to realize is that, in addition to the the time and skill wedding cakes require, these cakes are created to feed a hundred (or more) people. Who regularly throws parties for a hundred people? Most parties I attend have 10 guests, and usually it's a potluck situation. Weddings usually aren't. Take 10 friends out for dinner and dessert. Then take 100 friends out to dinner and dessert and don't be shocked when it costs 10x more

Unknown said...

I have a theory. Baking is the new acting. I went to a pretty fancy school as a Theater major, and it always chapped me when every little cupcake with a boob job thought she could be a professional actress. SInce food TV has made chefs the new TV stars, baking has become the same. Every Crafty Cathy who's ever shoved a Barbie into a bowl shaped cake is an expert in cake all of a sudden. The truth is that scratch baking and decorating is a craft that takes years to do well. Whenever I hear people talking about liking the Betty Crocker box better, I cringe. When I see some of the things that dilettante bakers do I think to myself "it's all fun and games until somebody poisons the flower girl" When someone asks me about using a hobby baker for their wedding, I reply " It's up to you. You have to decide if it's fine that there is no wedding cake. If you would let your aunty who made you dance costumes sew your wedding dress , then it's fine to let the Craigslist baker make your wedding cake."

mynameisjenand said...

I think you showed an extraordinary amount of restraint, I don't know if any of the other commenters quite got your point though which is a shame.

I mean who pays $15 for a book? Paper doesn't cost that much, especially that thin old stuff they use in books. And imagine if everyone just wanted to read them electronically - then there's no paper involved so the book should be free right?

Kara Buntin said...

When they get it they get it, when they don't want to they don't. You have to explain it in terms people understand. I've "converted" people in an instant by explaining cake prices in terms of plumbing skills (to a group of union plumbers) and hand knit sweaters (to a knitter) but unless you know what that person holds as valuable it's hard to get a point across. The author of the blog got it, but people want to believe that they're getting ripped off, it gives them something to complain about.

Ultimate Cake said...


philly said...

From the article,

"Forget college. Forget encouraging your kids to get a higher education so they can be a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. That is money and time wasted as far as I’m concerned now. Invest in a cake decorating course instead. Have your kids (or yourself) learn how to make sugar flowers."

I spent $40,000 going to a culinary school, and work at a bakery decorating fancy cakes. I only get paid $12.75 an hour and I've been there over 3 years. I would have been better off money wise being a "lawyer, doctor, or engineer." o_O