Birthday Cake For A Seven-Year-Old Lego Artist

I've made birthday cakes for Gavin since he was really little...The first one that I did was a toolbox cake, and it had modeling chocolate tools on it. Little did I know that would follow me every year, because he LOVED the modeling chocolate!

Something else that he loves is Legos, and every year I've done some kind of a cake that's basically the backdrop for his Lego men. I don't do the licensed items unless I have a release, so I do the background and he does the decorating with his own men on the cakes. I've done a fire truck, a pirate ship, a castle, and this year he's interested in Star Wars.

So...since Star Wars was recently bought by Disney, there's no more free and easy George Lucas fan-art-is-cool-go-ahead-and-use-the-characters for me. Plus, after Gavin's mom and I talked about what kind of Star Wars stuff he likes, it was apparent that he's less interested in the specific characters than in the building of the scenes. So I told her I'd make an environment that was based on the sand planet (sand huts anyone?) and he could decorate it with the Lego guys when he got the cake home before the party.

So she gave me a 15x15 piece of Lego board, and I painted it sand color to match the buildings. the cake itself was pretty plain, I mean really, how interesting is a bunch of sand buildings? But when Gavin took it home he did it up right.

That's one heck of a busy town! I have to say that I wouldn't have been so liberal with the figures, but I love that Gavin was. This shows pure creativity without worrying that there's "too much" going on, and it looks excellent. Kids just have fun with the decorating and don't worry about the rules, and that's pretty great. We should all have as much fun in life.

And on that note, keep an eye out for details on my next giveaway, which will be based on creativity, not rules. I'll figure out the specifics and post about it on Friday of next week.

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