Craftsy Class Review: Custom Lettering and Monograms

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This class was taught by Nicholas Lodge, which is the only reason I decided to watch it. After all, how many monograms and lettering have I done in my time...I figured it wouldn't be anything really fantastically new. But I know that Nic Lodge is an excellent instructor, so I decide to give it a shot.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information in the class. He goes over a variety of different ways to do lettering and monograms, and in his typical fashion, gives a ton of information as he talks throughout the course. He's a wealth of knowledge, and his classes are well worth taking just to hear the tips and tricks he passes along while doing simple things.

The methods that he touches on in this class include stencilling, piping, metallics, floodwork, royal icing, piping using metallic-colored icing, and using fondant to stencil. He also covers tappits and cutout letters and dimensional lettering. I'd seen and done all of these things before, but to have all of them in one place and to see them done in different ways than I do them was a good refresher course.

I have a cake to do next weekend that includes a monogram, and I'll use some of the techniques that he demonstrated. This class was better than I expected it to be, so I'd say that even if you've done monograms before it would be worth the time to watch it.

My final review:

Skill Level: Beginner
Equipment You Have To Have: stencils, dusting colors, food coloring etc.
Sleep-Inducing Level: I only fell asleep a couple of times but I was tired to begin with, as usual.
What It Assumes You Already Know: Not a lot.
Unnecessary Difficulty Level Of Methods Demonstrated: Nothing comes to mind.
Annoying Host Habits: I like his teaching style because he never stops talking, which keeps you engaged, and he really does give you a lot of information. So no, he doesn't annoy me.
Level of Helpful Hints Learned: A lot of basic information and some tips on mixing icing and "paint" that were useful.

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