Craftsy Class Review: Stunning Small Cakes

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The Wilton Method Stunning Small Cakes was a class that I probably wouldn't have bothered with except that I was curious about it. It actually was stunning that this class was sort of, kind of, okay it was worth watching kind of.

I say that because it wasn't the most advanced decorating in the world. It's from Wilton, and we know that they dumb down everything to make sure everyone and their brother can figure it out. However, there was enough information in it that you could take the techniques she demonstrated one step further if you feel so inclined.

The instructor is a Wilton designer, so I assume that she works for them designing the cakes in the yearbook, etc. The style of the cakes in this class were definitely Wilton-esque. Slightly thicker than necessary, clunky type flowers, you know what I mean. You can spot a Wilton method cake a mile away once you've seen a few of them.

The good thing about this class is the number of techniques that she did demonstrate. She goes over four different cake designs, and each design has multiple methods. Of course, this is also a long ad for Wilton products, so be aware of that. There may be a sturdier version of the tools she's using, so just examine them carefully if you're buying them in the store.

There was some weirdness in it...There is no good reason why you would need to put a dowel through the center of a three-layer cake if you're not stacking something on it. What the heck, people have really gone dowel crazy lately. When she demonstrated that step I was very confused as to why (other than to sell Wilton dowels), and knowing how wiggly the Wilton bamboo dowels are anyway made it even stranger. Don't bother.

My final review:

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Equipment You Have To Have: A bunch of basic stuff, cutters, fondant, etc.
Sleep-Inducing Level: Pretty snoozy.
What It Assumes You Already Know: Basics, but it also shows you how to do everything so that's what makes it snoozy.
Unnecessary Difficulty Level Of Methods Demonstrated: Some added unnecessary dowelling, some steps that could be done in simpler ways without using specific Wilton tools, that kind of thing.
Annoying Host Habits: She's pretty straightforward so not much, for me she went a little slowly but I don't know if that's a normal pace for Wilton classes.
Level of Helpful Hints Learned: Some stuff, tips tricks etc. Nothing earth shattering.

Get it when it's on sale, skip it at full price.

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