Craftsy Class Review: Tropical Sugar Flowers

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Tropical Sugar Flowers was taught by Alan Dunn, which is all you need to know as far as whether it's worth watching or not. Yes, it is. Gumpaste flowers + Alan Dunn = go buy this class now.

He goes over three main flowers and a lot of additional fillers and smaller flowers for the arrangements in the class. The main ones are bauhinia, hibiscus and gardenia, and the fillers include berries, succulents and leaves. These might not be flowers that flowers that you're going to be using on a regular basis, but the value of the class isn't in the specific flowers that he makes. This class was valuable because it shows you how someone who has advanced skills does things.

He skips the use of a lot of the mats and tools that people seem to think are basic tools, and he uses a lot of old-school methods that don't require as much equipment. I do a lot of things that he does, like using my hand as the mat when I'm thinning petals, and skipping cutters if they aren't necessary, so it's probably just a matter of doing something for a long time and figuring out what you do and don't need to fool with.

Not that these flowers are going to be fast to make. Noooo...He adds a lot of detail to his flowers, so you'll be spending time making each one. But they can be modified to make them faster or less detailed if you're so inclined. At one point he says something along the lines of "If you're making this flower for someone you don't like, do it the simple way." I, of course, found that to be hilarious.

And you know what? I'm not even going to break down the review by category, either. If you're interested in gumpaste, or cake decorating at all, just go buy the class. Because if you're a cake decorator and you don't know who Alan Dunn is, you probably spend too much time with tappits.

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