Craftsy Class Review: Dream Wedding Cakes with Wendy Kromer

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Dream Wedding Cakes is taught by Wendy Kromer, who makes beautiful cakes that someone else takes credit for. Wait, did I say that? Yes I did.

Who's taking credit for them? Everybody, that's who! Who did you think I meant? She deserves a lot of credit for coming up with many, many cake designs that have been copied throughout the years. Even if you don't know her name, you know her cakes and you've probably imitated one of her designs at some point. Look her up.

This class goes over variations of three of the cake designs that she's made over the years. the techniques in the class are surprisngly simple, and even if you're a beginner you should be able to make them with a little work.

HOWEVER...They do require the ability to use a piping bag. Now, call me an old fuddy duddy, but I still can't believe that piping seems to be a skill that people think of as exotic and difficult. I know that the recent flood of decorators into cakeland leans heavily into the all-fondant-no-piping territory, but I think that if you call yourself a cake decorator you should at least be able to pick up a piping bag and make a basic effort with it. If you're thinking "I'm clueless when it comes to this piping bag thing...she's talking about me" then forget about this class for a while and get this one instead. It's not as fancy but you need to know how to do the basics if you want to be a decorator.

If you're already comfortable with piping, you can do the cakes that she presents with no problems. Her instruction is very clear and she goes over all of the steps thoroughly. You'll probably be surprised at how simple they really are to make.

My final review:

Skill Level: Beginner, unless you think that using a piping bag is an advanced skill. Then advanced.
Equipment you'll need: Piping bags and tips, cutters, dusting powders, the basics.
Sleep-Inducing level: I had to stop to take a nap. But it's Sunday afternoon and the house is quiet!
What it assumes you already know: How to pipe a straight line.
Unnecessary Level Of Difficulty For Techniques Shown: Not very much, these are actually very basic cakes.
Annoying Host Habits: She's pretty dry, so not a lot of jokey jokey. I wouldn't necessarily call that annoying since the people on Craftsy who do think they're funny are way more annoying. But if you want someone to deliver a comedy routine with the lesson this isn't the video for you.
Level Of Helpful Hints Learned: The designs are all very simple to assemble, and that might be the most helpful thing that you can learn from it. Not everything has to be super complicated to look nice.

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