Saturday, June 21, 2014

String of Jewels Wedding Cake

This wedding cake had strings of isomalt and gumpaste jewels randomly draped all over it, this was slightly difficult to do, since I didn't think about the fact that the strings of jewels are heavy, and the buttercream would be soft by the time I delivered the cake. It took me an hour and a half to set it up because I had to place things very carefully and deliberately, and I couldn't do any of the setup ahead of time because of the dividers that I had built for it. (How to do the dividers will be a post in the near future.)

I made molds to do the strings of isomalt jewels, and I used these jewel molds (here and here) to make the gumpaste jewels, which I then strung on upholstery thread using a beading needle through the jewels.

If I did this type of design again I would do it using fondant to avoid the buttercream being messed up and needing repairs. Live and learn...
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Loving Traditions Cakery LLC said...

That cake is beautiful; I understand about the buttercream getting messed up....but often the customers do not want to pay the additional expense of using fondant. What would you do then?

Kara Buntin said...

If someone wanted this and didn't want fondant I'd tell them that I could do it in buttercream like this one, but that it was going to incur an extra setup fee! I was lucky that this was the last delivery of the day, so I had time to stay and decorate it slowly and carefully. But once everything was done I'd been there about an our and a half longer than I usually stay to set things up. Depending on how big the cake was, the setup fee might even be as much or less than using fondant on the cake and not paying that fee.