String of Jewels Wedding Cake

This wedding cake had strings of isomalt and gumpaste jewels randomly draped all over it, this was slightly difficult to do, since I didn't think about the fact that the strings of jewels are heavy, and the buttercream would be soft by the time I delivered the cake. It took me an hour and a half to set it up because I had to place things very carefully and deliberately, and I couldn't do any of the setup ahead of time because of the dividers that I had built for it. (How to do the dividers will be a post in the near future.)

I made molds to do the strings of isomalt jewels, and I used these jewel molds (here and here) to make the gumpaste jewels, which I then strung on upholstery thread using a beading needle through the jewels.

If I did this type of design again I would do it using fondant to avoid the buttercream being messed up and needing repairs. Live and learn...
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